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How many calories are burned walking 12,999 steps?

Based on an average stride length of 2.5 feet, body weight of 180 pounds, and a walking speed of 4 mph, 12,999 steps would burn approximately 628 calories.

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Calories burned walking 12,999 steps at different speeds and body weights

Because calories burned is related to the time and intensity of your activity as well as your own physical characteristics, the amount above is just based on averages. In the chart below, you can get a better idea of how many calories you burned at a particular walking speed and body weight. Please keep in mind these are estimates as well; calculating calories burned is based on good scientific research but is an inexact science.

You may notice that sometimes walking at a slower pace burns more calories than walking at a faster pace. This isn't a mistake. Instead, it shows that you may burn slightly more calories by walking slower for longer instead of walking faster for less time.

< 2 mph2 mph2.5 mph3 mph3.5 mph4 mph4.5 mph5 mph
90 lbs335352301293309314391417
95 lbs354371318309326331412440
100 lbs372391335326343349434463
105 lbs391410352342360366456487
110 lbs409430368358377384478510
115 lbs428449385375394401499533
120 lbs447469402391412419521556
125 lbs465488419407429436543579
130 lbs484508435423446454564602
135 lbs502528452440463471586626
140 lbs521547469456480488608649
145 lbs540567486472497506630672
150 lbs558586502488514523651695
155 lbs577606519505532541673718
160 lbs595625536521549558695741
165 lbs614645553537566576716765
170 lbs633664569554583593738788
175 lbs651684586570600611760811
180 lbs670703603586617628782834
185 lbs689723620602634645803857
190 lbs707742636619652663825880
195 lbs726762653635669680847904
200 lbs744782670651686698868927
205 lbs763801687668703715890950
210 lbs782821703684720733912973
215 lbs800840720700737750934996
220 lbs8198607377167547689551,019
225 lbs8378797547337727859771,043
230 lbs8568997707497898039991,066
235 lbs8759187877658068201,0201,089
240 lbs8939388047828238371,0421,112
245 lbs9129578217988408551,0641,135
250 lbs9309778378148578721,0861,158

Calories burned running 12,999 steps at different speeds and body weights

While most runners measure their distance in miles or kilometres, some may choose to measure it in steps.

4 mph5 mph6 mph7 mph8 mph9 mph10 mph11 mph12 mph13 mph14 mph
90 lbs377417410395371357364365398383413
95 lbs398440433417391377385386420404436
100 lbs419463456439412397405406442425459
105 lbs440487479461432417425426464446482
110 lbs461510502482453437445447486468504
115 lbs482533524504473457465467508489527
120 lbs502556547526494476486487530510550
125 lbs523579570548515496506508552531573
130 lbs544602593570535516526528575553596
135 lbs565626615592556536546548597574619
140 lbs586649638614576556567568619595642
145 lbs607672661636597576587589641616665
150 lbs628695684658618595607609663638688
155 lbs649718707680638615627629685659711
160 lbs670741729702659635648650707680734
165 lbs691765752724679655668670729701757
170 lbs712788775746700675688690751723780
175 lbs733811798768721695708711773744803
180 lbs754834821790741715729731796765825
185 lbs775857843811762734749751818787848
190 lbs796880866833782754769771840808871
195 lbs816904889855803774789792862829894
200 lbs837927912877823794809812884850917
205 lbs858950935899844814830832906872940
210 lbs879973957921865834850853928893963
215 lbs900996980943885854870873950914986
220 lbs9211,0191,0039659068738908939729351,009
225 lbs9421,0431,0269879268939119149949571,032
230 lbs9631,0661,0491,0099479139319341,0179781,055
235 lbs9841,0891,0711,0319689339519541,0399991,078
240 lbs1,0051,1121,0941,0539889539719741,0611,0201,101
245 lbs1,0261,1351,1171,0751,0099739929951,0831,0421,124
250 lbs1,0471,1581,1401,0971,0299921,0121,0151,1051,0631,146

Where this data came from

The estimates on this page come from MET, or metabolic equivalent, research. Put simply, one MET is defined as 1 kcal/kg/hour and is roughly equivalent to the energy cost of sitting quietly. Every activity has a MET associated with it based on the available research. In the example used at the top of this page, walking 4 MPH has a MET of 5.

To come up with an estimate of how many calories are burned walking a particular number of steps, you would use the following formula:

number of steps x step length / 5,280 / MPH x MET x weight in kg

In all of our examples, we rounded to the nearest whole calorie.

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