Complete List of Eligible HSA Expenses

This is the internet's first and only complete list of both HSA-eligible and ineligible expenses. Bookmark this page so you can always spend your HSA funds in the smartest way possible.

Please remember that not all HSAs are the same, and that you should always check with your HSA administrator or health insurance provider to confirm if something is eligible before making a purchase. A good thing to keep in mind is that if your doctor diagnosed you with a specific condition or ordered a treatment, product, or prescription for you, your HSA should cover it. Again, please check with your HSA administrator if you have any questions about qualified medical expenses.

Special Note: As part of the 2020 CARES Act, over-the-counter medications and menstrual care products are now eligible for purchase with HSA dollars. This list includes products like allergy medication, pain relievers, prenatal vitamins, and tampons.

This list was last updated August 12, 2020.

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Item Eligible?
AA Meetings👍 Yes
Abdominoplasty❌ No
Abortions👍 Yes
Abreva👍 Yes
Acai❌ No
Acetaminophen👍 Yes
Acid reflux medication👍 Yes
Activated charcoal❌ No
Acupressure👍 Yes
Acupressure mats👍 Yes
Acupressure wristbands👍 Yes
Acupuncture services👍 Yes
Adoption fees👍 Yes
Adult day care❌ No
Adult diapers👍 Yes
Advil👍 Yes
Advil Liqui-Gels👍 Yes
Advil Migraine👍 Yes
Aftershave❌ No
Air purifiers👍 Yes
Alcohol wipes👍 Yes
Alcoholism treatment programs👍 Yes
Aleve👍 Yes
Alginate dressings👍 Yes
Allegra👍 Yes
Allegra-D👍 Yes
Allergy medication👍 Yes
Allergy testing👍 Yes
Ambulance care👍 Yes
Analgesics👍 Yes
Anesthesia services👍 Yes
Ankle braces👍 Yes
Annual physical exams👍 Yes
Antacids👍 Yes
Antibiotic ointments👍 Yes
Antibiotics👍 Yes
Antidepressants👍 Yes
Antiemetic medicine👍 Yes
Antifungal cream👍 Yes
Antihistamines👍 Yes
Anti-nausea medicine👍 Yes
Antioxidants❌ No
Antiperspirant❌ No
Arm slings👍 Yes
Appearance improvements❌ No
Arginine❌ No
Arm & Hammer toothpaste❌ No
Aromatherapy❌ No
Artificial insemination👍 Yes
Artificial sweeteners❌ No
Arthritis gloves👍 Yes
Arthritis medication👍 Yes
Artificial limbs👍 Yes
Artificial teeth👍 Yes
Ashwagandha❌ No
Aspartame❌ No
Aspercreme👍 Yes
Aspirators👍 Yes
Aspirin👍 Yes
Astragalus❌ No
Assisted living❌ No
Athletic mouth guards❌ No
Athletic tape👍 Yes
Athletic wraps👍 Yes
At-home drug tests❌ No
Autoinjector needles👍 Yes
Autoinjectors👍 Yes
Autopsies❌ No


Item Eligible?
Baby bottles❌ No
Baby carriers❌ No
Baby breathing monitors👍 Yes
Baby food❌ No
Baby monitors❌ No
Baby oil❌ No
Baby powder❌ No
Baby rash ointments👍 Yes
Baby rash creams👍 Yes
Babysitting❌ No
Baby sunscreen👍 Yes
Baby thermometers👍 Yes
Baby wipes❌ No
Baby wraps❌ No
Back braces👍 Yes
Backrests👍 Yes
Band-Aids👍 Yes
Bandages👍 Yes
Barbells❌ No
Bariatric surgery👍 Yes
Bassinets❌ No
Bathing aids👍 Yes
Batteries for medical devices👍 Yes
Bayer👍 Yes
Bed pans👍 Yes
Bee pollen❌ No
Beetroot❌ No
Benadryl👍 Yes
Benadryl cream👍 Yes
Berberine❌ No
Beta-alanine❌ No
Beta-carotine❌ No
Beta-glucans❌ No
Bicycles❌ No
Bifocals👍 Yes
Bikes❌ No
Bilberry❌ No
Biofreeze👍 Yes
Biotin❌ No
BiPAP machines👍 Yes
Birth control pills👍 Yes
Bitter melon❌ No
Bitter orange❌ No
Black cohosh❌ No
Blepharoplasty❌ No
Blessed thistle❌ No
Blood glucose meters👍 Yes
Blood glucose monitors👍 Yes
Blood glucose testing👍 Yes
Blood pressure monitors👍 Yes
Blood sugar meters👍 Yes
Blood sugar monitors👍 Yes
Blood tests👍 Yes
Blueberry❌ No
Body scans👍 Yes
Boob jobs❌ No
Boost❌ No
Bonine👍 Yes
Botox❌ No
Bovine cartilage❌ No
BRACAnalysis testing👍 Yes
Braces👍 Yes
Breast augmentation❌ No
Breast enhancement❌ No
Breastfeeding pillows❌ No
Breast implants❌ No
Breast milk storage bags👍 Yes
Breast milk storage bottles👍 Yes
Breast MRIs👍 Yes
Breastfeeding pads👍 Yes
Breast reconstruction after cancer👍 Yes
Breast pumps👍 Yes
Breathing trainers👍 Yes
Bridges👍 Yes
Bromelain❌ No
Brow lifts❌ No
Bug spray❌ No
Butterfly bandages👍 Yes


Item Eligible?
Caffeine pills❌ No
Caffeine powder❌ No
Calamine lotion👍 Yes
Calcium❌ No
Calcium scoring👍 Yes
Calendula❌ No
Cancer screenings👍 Yes
Canes👍 Yes
Capsaicin❌ No
Capsicum❌ No
Carpal tunnel treatment👍 Yes
Car seats❌ No
Cascara sagrada❌ No
Cataract surgery👍 Yes
Catheters👍 Yes
Catheter lubricants👍 Yes
Cat's claw❌ No
CBD oil❌ No
CBD products❌ No
Cervical collars👍 Yes
Cesium❌ No
Chamomile❌ No
Chasteberry❌ No
Chemical peels❌ No
Childbirth👍 Yes
Childcare❌ No
Children's sunscreen👍 Yes
Chiropractic services👍 Yes
Chlorella❌ No
Cholesterol meters 👍 Yes
Cholesterol test kits👍 Yes
Choline❌ No
Chondroitin👍 Yes
Chromium❌ No
Cinnamon❌ No
Circumcision👍 Yes
Claritin👍 Yes
Claritin D👍 Yes
Clavical braces👍 Yes
COBRA premiums👍 Yes
Cocoa butter❌ No
Coconut oil❌ No
Cod liver oil❌ No
Colace👍 Yes
Cold cream❌ No
Cold medicine👍 Yes
Cold packs👍 Yes
Cold sore medication👍 Yes
Colgate toothpaste❌ No
Collagen dressings👍 Yes
Collection bags👍 Yes
Colloidal silver❌ No
Cologne❌ No
Colonoscopies👍 Yes
Colostomy bags👍 Yes
Colostomy pouches👍 Yes
Colostomy supplies👍 Yes
Commodes👍 Yes
Commode parts👍 Yes
Compound W👍 Yes
Compression sleeves👍 Yes
Compression socks👍 Yes
Compression wraps👍 Yes
Conditioner❌ No
Condoms👍 Yes
Constipation medication👍 Yes
Contact lens cases👍 Yes
Contact lens solution👍 Yes
Contraceptives👍 Yes
Controlled substances❌ No
CoolSculpting❌ No
Copays👍 Yes
Copper❌ No
CoQ10❌ No
Corneal keratotomy surgery👍 Yes
Corn removers👍 Yes
Cortizone 10👍 Yes
Cosmetic procedures❌ No
Cosmetic surgery❌ No
Cotton swabs❌ No
Cough drops👍 Yes
Cough medicine👍 Yes
Cough suppressants👍 Yes
Cough syrup👍 Yes
Counseling👍 Yes
CPAP cleaning products👍 Yes
CPAP hose holders👍 Yes
CPAP machines👍 Yes
CPAP masks👍 Yes
CPAP pillows👍 Yes
CPR classes❌ No
Cranberry❌ No
Creatine❌ No
Crest toothpaste❌ No
Crib mattresses❌ No
Crystalens surgery👍 Yes
Crutches👍 Yes
CT scans👍 Yes


Item Eligible?
Dance lessons❌ No
Dandelion❌ No
Dandruff shampoo❌ No
Daycare❌ No
Dayquil👍 Yes
Decongestants👍 Yes
Deer antler spray❌ No
Deer antler velvet❌ No
Defibrillators👍 Yes
Dehumidifiers❌ No
Dental care👍 Yes
Dental cleanings👍 Yes
Dental floss❌ No
Dental implants👍 Yes
Dental insurance premiums❌ No
Dental picks❌ No
Dental treatments👍 Yes
Dentures👍 Yes
Denture adhesives👍 Yes
Denture care👍 Yes
Denture cleaners👍 Yes
Deodorant❌ No
Dermabrasion❌ No
Dermaplaning❌ No
DEXA scans👍 Yes
Dextromethorphan👍 Yes
Diabetic bracelets👍 Yes
Diabetic monitors👍 Yes
Diabetic socks👍 Yes
Diabetic test kits👍 Yes
Diabetic test strips👍 Yes
Dial soap❌ No
Diapers❌ No
Diarrhea medicine👍 Yes
Diet foods❌ No
Diet pills❌ No
Digital thermometer probe covers👍 Yes
Digital thermometers👍 Yes
Disposable briefs👍 Yes
Disposable nursing pads👍 Yes
Disposable pads👍 Yes
Disposable underwear👍 Yes
Dong quai❌ No
Doulas👍 Yes
Dove soap❌ No
Douche❌ No
Drainage products👍 Yes
Drain bags👍 Yes
Dramamine👍 Yes
Dressing aids👍 Yes
Drug addiction treatment👍 Yes
Drug overdose treatment👍 Yes
Dry eye relief👍 Yes
Dulcolax👍 Yes
Dumbbells❌ No


Item Eligible?
Ear drops👍 Yes
Ear piercings❌ No
Ear pinning❌ No
Ear reshaping❌ No
Ear thermometers👍 Yes
Ear wax removal products👍 Yes
E-bikes❌ No
Echinacea❌ No
Elastic bandages👍 Yes
Elder care❌ No
Electric bikes❌ No
Electric heating pads👍 Yes
Electric toothbrushes❌ No
Electrolysis❌ No
Electronic cigarettes❌ No
Electrotherapy👍 Yes
Elevated toilet seats👍 Yes
Elliptical machines❌ No
Emergency equipment👍 Yes
EMS devices👍 Yes
Emu oil❌ No
Enema kits👍 Yes
Enemas👍 Yes
Energy drinks❌ No
Ensure❌ No
Epipens👍 Yes
Ephedra❌ No
Erythritol❌ No
Essential oils❌ No
Eucalyptus❌ No
Evening primrose oil❌ No
Excedrin👍 Yes
Excedrin PM👍 Yes
Ex-Lax👍 Yes
Expectorants👍 Yes
Exercise balls❌ No
Exercise bands❌ No
Exercise bikes❌ No
Exercise equipment❌ No
External pain relief👍 Yes
Extra wide wheelchairs👍 Yes
Eyeglasses👍 Yes
Eye drops👍 Yes
Eye exams👍 Yes
Eyelid lifts❌ No
Eye pressure monitors👍 Yes
Eye surgery👍 Yes


Item Eligible?
Face lifts❌ No
Face wash❌ No
Facial tissues❌ No
Feminine hygiene products👍 Yes
Feminine pain relief products👍 Yes
Fenugreek❌ No
Fertility tests👍 Yes
Fertility treatments👍 Yes
Fertility monitors👍 Yes
Feverfew❌ No
Fever strips👍 Yes
Field trips❌ No
Finger cots👍 Yes
Finger splints👍 Yes
First aid cream👍 Yes
First aid kits👍 Yes
First aid supplies👍 Yes
Fish oil❌ No
Fitness club fees❌ No
Fitness programs❌ No
Flaxseed❌ No
Flaxseed oil❌ No
Fleet enemas👍 Yes
Flonase👍 Yes
Flu shots👍 Yes
Fluoride treatments👍 Yes
Foam dressings👍 Yes
Folate❌ No
Folic acid❌ No
Food❌ No
Forehead lifts❌ No
Forearm crutches👍 Yes
Forehead thermometers👍 Yes
Fuel for medical care👍 Yes
Funeral expenses❌ No


Item Eligible?
Gait belts👍 Yes
Garlic❌ No
Gas-X👍 Yes
Gas relief medication👍 Yes
Gastric bypass surgery👍 Yes
Gauze👍 Yes
Gelatin❌ No
Generic prescription drugs👍 Yes
Ginger❌ No
Ginkgo❌ No
Ginseng❌ No
Gift cards❌ No
Glasses👍 Yes
Glucerna❌ No
Glucosamine👍 Yes
Glucose monitors👍 Yes
Glucose monitoring kits👍 Yes
Glucose monitoring supplies👍 Yes
Glutamine❌ No
Gluten-free foods❌ No
Glycolic peels❌ No
Goggles❌ No
Goji berries❌ No
Gold Bond👍 Yes
Grape seed extract❌ No
Green tea❌ No
Gripe water❌ No
Grooming aids👍 Yes
Guar gum❌ No
Guarana❌ No
Guide dogs👍 Yes
Gym membership fees❌ No
Gynecologists👍 Yes
Gynecological exams👍 Yes
Gynecomastia surgery❌ No


Item Eligible?
Hair color❌ No
Hair dye❌ No
Hair regrowth products❌ No
Hair removal products❌ No
Hair transplants❌ No
Halls cough drops👍 Yes
Handicap license plates👍 Yes
Hand lotion❌ No
Hand sanitizer❌ No
Hard lens cleaners👍 Yes
Hawthorn❌ No
Headache medicine👍 Yes
Health club fees❌ No
Health club programs❌ No
Health insurance premiums❌ No
Hearing aids👍 Yes
Hearing aid batteries👍 Yes
Heart rate monitors👍 Yes
Heart scans👍 Yes
Heating pads👍 Yes
Hemp❌ No
Herbal supplements❌ No
Hernia supports👍 Yes
Hibiscus❌ No
Home oxygen supplies👍 Yes
Home diagnostics👍 Yes
Hoodia❌ No
Hormone replacement therapy👍 Yes
Horny goat weed❌ No
Horse chestnut❌ No
Horsetail❌ No
Hospital beds👍 Yes
Hospital food for caregivers❌ No
Hospital food for companions❌ No
Hospital food for patients👍 Yes
Hospital food for visitors❌ No
Hospital services👍 Yes
Hot packs👍 Yes
Hot tubs❌ No
Hot yoga❌ No
Household help❌ No
Housekeepers❌ No
Hot water bottles👍 Yes
Human guides👍 Yes
Humidifiers❌ No
Hydrocortisone cream👍 Yes
Hydrogen peroxide👍 Yes
Hysterectomies👍 Yes
5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)❌ No


Item Eligible?
Ibuprofen👍 Yes
Icy Hot cream👍 Yes
Icy Hot patches👍 Yes
Ileostomy supplies👍 Yes
Illegal drugs❌ No
Imodium👍 Yes
Imodium AD👍 Yes
Immunizations👍 Yes
Immunotherpy👍 Yes
Insect bite medication👍 Yes
Insect repellant❌ No
Insurance premiums❌ No
Incentive spirometers👍 Yes
Incontinence supplies👍 Yes
Infertility treatment👍 Yes
Insoles👍 Yes
Insulin👍 Yes
Insulin pumps👍 Yes
Insulin supplies👍 Yes
Invisalign👍 Yes
In vitro fertilization (IVF)👍 Yes
Iodine (supplement)❌ No
Iodine (topical)👍 Yes
Irish Spring soap❌ No
Iron❌ No
Isoleucine❌ No
Isopropyl alcohol👍 Yes
IV equipment👍 Yes
Ivory soap❌ No
IV stands👍 Yes


Item Eligible?
Jackfruit❌ No
Joint pain medication👍 Yes
Joint supplements👍 Yes
Jojoba❌ No


Item Eligible?
Kaopectate👍 Yes
Kava❌ No
Kenalog injections❌ No
Ketone test strips👍 Yes
Kettlebells❌ No
Kinesiology👍 Yes
Kinesiology tape👍 Yes
Kleenex❌ No
Knee braces👍 Yes
Knee wraps👍 Yes
Kola nut❌ No
Kombucha❌ No
Krill oil❌ No
K-Y Jelly❌ No


Item Eligible?
Lab fees👍 Yes
Laboratory fees👍 Yes
Lactobacillus❌ No
Lancets👍 Yes
Lanolin👍 Yes
Lap band surgery👍 Yes
L-arginine❌ No
Laser eye surgery👍 Yes
Laser hair removal❌ No
Laser skin resurfacing❌ No
Laser peels❌ No
Latex gloves❌ No
Lavender❌ No
Laxatives👍 Yes
Legal abortions👍 Yes
Leg bags👍 Yes
Leucine❌ No
Lice treatments👍 Yes
Licorice root❌ No
Life alert systems👍 Yes
Light therapy👍 Yes
Lip augmentation❌ No
Lip balm (SPF 15 or higher)👍 Yes
Lip fillers❌ No
Liposuction❌ No
Lipstick❌ No
Long-term care insurance premiums👍 Yes
Long-term disability insurance premiums❌ No
Lotion❌ No
L-tryptophan❌ No
Luden's cough drops👍 Yes
Lutein❌ No
Lycopene❌ No


Item Eligible?
Maca❌ No
Magnesium❌ No
Magnifying glasses👍 Yes
Makeup❌ No
Male breast reduction surgery❌ No
Mammograms👍 Yes
Manganese❌ No
Mangosteen❌ No
Massage chairs❌ No
Massagers❌ No
Massages❌ No
Massage treatment tables❌ No
Mastectomies👍 Yes
Mastectomy bras👍 Yes
Maternity clothes❌ No
Maternity support belts👍 Yes
Mattress covers❌ No
Mattresses❌ No
MCT Oil❌ No
Meals for caregivers❌ No
Meals for hospital visitors❌ No
Medical alert bracelets👍 Yes
Medical marijuana❌ No
Medical monitors👍 Yes
Medical newsletters❌ No
Medical office visits👍 Yes
Medical tape👍 Yes
Medical wraps👍 Yes
Medicare Part A premiums👍 Yes
Medicare Part B premiums👍 Yes
Medicare Part C premiums👍 Yes
Medicare Part D premiums👍 Yes
Medicare HMO premiums👍 Yes
Medicare Supplemental Insurance❌ No
Medicated shampoo❌ No
Medicated toothpaste❌ No
Medicine dosers👍 Yes
Medicine organizers👍 Yes
Medigap policies❌ No
Melatonin❌ No
Menopause treatments👍 Yes
Menstrual cups👍 Yes
Menstrual pads👍 Yes
Microdermabrasion❌ No
Midwives👍 Yes
Milk of magnesia👍 Yes
Milk thistle❌ No
MiraLAX👍 Yes
Missed appointment fees❌ No
Mobility scooters👍 Yes
Moisturizer❌ No
Moisturizing cream❌ No
Moisturizing lotion❌ No
Mold removal❌ No
Moringa❌ No
The Morning After Pill👍 Yes
Motion sickness medication👍 Yes
Motion Sickness wristbands👍 Yes
Motorized wheelchairs👍 Yes
Motrin👍 Yes
Motrin PM👍 Yes
MRIs👍 Yes
Mucinex👍 Yes
Mucinex DM👍 Yes
Multi-purpose solution👍 Yes
Mouthwash❌ No
Multivitamins❌ No
Mylanta👍 Yes
Mylicon👍 Yes


Item Eligible?
N95 masks❌ No
Nail polish❌ No
Nannies❌ No
Naproxen👍 Yes
Nausea medicine👍 Yes
Nebulizers👍 Yes
Needle containers👍 Yes
Neosporin👍 Yes
Neti pots👍 Yes
Neurologists👍 Yes
Nexium👍 Yes
Niacin❌ No
NicoDerm CQ patches👍 Yes
Nicorette gum👍 Yes
Nicotine gum👍 Yes
Nicotine patches👍 Yes
Nipple balm❌ No
Nipple cream❌ No
Nipple shields👍 Yes
Nitrile gloves❌ No
NMS devices👍 Yes
Noni❌ No
Norplant insertion👍 Yes
Norplant removal👍 Yes
Nose jobs❌ No
Nursing bras❌ No
Nursing home expenses👍 Yes
Nursing pads👍 Yes
Nutrasweet❌ No
Nyquil👍 Yes


Item Eligible?
OB/GYN visits👍 Yes
Obstetritians👍 Yes
Omega-3 fatty acids❌ No
Omega-6 fatty acids❌ No
Oncologists👍 Yes
Operations (medically necessary)👍 Yes
Ophthalmologists👍 Yes
Optometrists👍 Yes
Oral irrigators❌ No
Organ donation👍 Yes
Organic food❌ No
Organ transplants👍 Yes
Orthodontia👍 Yes
Orthodontia wax👍 Yes
Orthopedic shoes👍 Yes
Orthopedic neck supports👍 Yes
Orthokeratology👍 Yes
Orthotics👍 Yes
Ostomy bags👍 Yes
Ostomy pouches👍 Yes
Ostomy supplies👍 Yes
Otoplasty❌ No
Out-of-network providers👍 Yes
Out-of-network services👍 Yes
Over-the-counter medications👍 Yes
Ovulation monitors👍 Yes
Ovulation tests👍 Yes
Oxygen equipment👍 Yes


Item Eligible?
Pacifiers❌ No
Pain relievers👍 Yes
Pantothenic acid❌ No
Panty liners👍 Yes
Papaya❌ No
Paraffin wax❌ No
Parking fees for medical treatment👍 Yes
Passionflower❌ No
Pastoral counseling❌ No
Paternity testing❌ No
Patient lifting and moving aids👍 Yes
Peak flow meters👍 Yes
Pedicures❌ No
Penetrex👍 Yes
Pepcid AC👍 Yes
Pepcid Complete👍 Yes
Peppermint oil❌ No
Pepto Bismol👍 Yes
Perfume❌ No
Personal care appliances👍 Yes
Peroxide👍 Yes
PET scans👍 Yes
Petroleum jelly❌ No
Phillips Milk of Magnesia👍 Yes
Phosphorus❌ No
Phototherapy👍 Yes
Physical exams👍 Yes
Physical therapy👍 Yes
PICC line covers👍 Yes
Pill boxes👍 Yes
Pill cutters👍 Yes
Pill organizers👍 Yes
Plan B👍 Yes
Plastic surgery❌ No
Portable oxygen supplies👍 Yes
Post-op shoes👍 Yes
Posture aids👍 Yes
Potassium❌ No
Power chairs👍 Yes
Power scooters👍 Yes
Prebiotics❌ No
Pregnancy tests👍 Yes
Premiums❌ No
Prenatal ultrasounds👍 Yes
Prenatal vitamins👍 Yes
Preschool❌ No
Prescription copays👍 Yes
Prescription drugs👍 Yes
Prescription glasses👍 Yes
Prescription sunglasses👍 Yes
Prevacid👍 Yes
Preventative care👍 Yes
Prilosec👍 Yes
Probiotics❌ No
Prosthetic limbs👍 Yes
Protein bars❌ No
Protein powder❌ No
Protein shakes❌ No
Proton pump inhibitors👍 Yes
Psychiatrists👍 Yes
Psychiatric treatment👍 Yes
Psychologists👍 Yes
Psychological treatment👍 Yes
Psyllium husk powder❌ No
Pulse oximeters👍 Yes
Pumice stones❌ No


Item Eligible?
Q-Tips❌ No
Quercetin❌ No


Item Eligible?
Radial keratotomy surgery👍 Yes
Raspberry ketones❌ No
Readers👍 Yes
Reading glasses👍 Yes
Recliners❌ No
Recliner wheelchairs👍 Yes
Rectal thermometers👍 Yes
Red clover❌ No
Red yeast rice❌ No
Rehab services👍 Yes
Reishi mushrooms❌ No
Resistance bands❌ No
Respiratory treatments👍 Yes
Resveratrol❌ No
Retainers👍 Yes
Rhinoplasty❌ No
Rib belts👍 Yes
Riboflavin❌ No
Ricola cough drops👍 Yes
Robitussin👍 Yes
Rogaine❌ No
Rolaids👍 Yes
Rose hip❌ No
Rubbing alcohol👍 Yes


Item Eligible?
Sacro braces👍 Yes
Safety glasses❌ No
Saline nasal spray👍 Yes
Salonpas patches👍 Yes
SAMe❌ No
Saunas❌ No
Saw Palmetto❌ No
Scooters👍 Yes
Screening tests👍 Yes
Seating aids👍 Yes
Selenium❌ No
Senna❌ No
Sensodyne toothpaste❌ No
Service animals👍 Yes
Shampoo❌ No
Shark cartilage❌ No
Sharps containers👍 Yes
Shaving cream❌ No
Shaving lotion❌ No
Shoulder braces👍 Yes
Sinus medication👍 Yes
Sinus rinses👍 Yes
Sitz baths👍 Yes
Skin creams❌ No
Skin moisturizers❌ No
Sleep aids👍 Yes
Sleep deprivation treatment👍 Yes
Slippery elm❌ No
Smoke detectors❌ No
Smoking cessation products👍 Yes
Smoking cessation programs👍 Yes
Soap❌ No
Soft lens cleaners👍 Yes
Somnoplasty👍 Yes
Soy❌ No
Soylent❌ No
Speech therapy👍 Yes
Sperm storage fees❌ No
Splenda❌ No
Splints👍 Yes
Stair lifts👍 Yes
Standing desks❌ No
Stationary bikes❌ No
Sterilization procedures👍 Yes
Stethoscopes👍 Yes
St. John's Wort❌ No
Stevia❌ No
Stomach stapling❌ No
Stool softeners👍 Yes
Stop smoking programs👍 Yes
Strollers❌ No
Sublingual immunotherapy👍 Yes
Substance abuse therapy👍 Yes
Suction machines👍 Yes
Sudafed👍 Yes
Sudafed PE👍 Yes
Sugar-free foods❌ No
Summer Camps❌ No
Summer School❌ No
Sunburn cream👍 Yes
Sunburn ointment👍 Yes
Sun Protection Clothing❌ No
Sunscreen👍 Yes
Suntan lotion without sunscreen❌ No
Suppositories👍 Yes
Surgical bandages👍 Yes
Surgical dressings👍 Yes
Surgical masks❌ No
Surrogates❌ No
Swimming lessons❌ No
Syringes👍 Yes


Item Eligible?
Tagamet👍 Yes
Tampons👍 Yes
Tanning booths❌ No
Tanning salons❌ No
Tattoo removal❌ No
Tea tree oil❌ No
Teeth whitening❌ No
Teeth whitening strips❌ No
Telehealth services👍 Yes
Temporary dental repair👍 Yes
TENS machines👍 Yes
TENS replacement pads👍 Yes
Test strips👍 Yes
Thermacare cream👍 Yes
Thermacare HeatWraps👍 Yes
Thermometers👍 Yes
Thiamine❌ No
Throat lozenges👍 Yes
Thunder god vine❌ No
Toiletries❌ No
Toilet paper❌ No
Tom's toothpaste❌ No
Toothbrushes❌ No
Tooth pain relievers👍 Yes
Toothpaste❌ No
Topical steroids👍 Yes
Tourniquets👍 Yes
Tracheostomy supplies👍 Yes
Traction equipment👍 Yes
Transition lenses👍 Yes
Transplant surgeries👍 Yes
Transport wheelchairs👍 Yes
Treadmills❌ No
Tricare fees❌ No
Truvia❌ No
Tubal ligation👍 Yes
Tucks Medicated Pads👍 Yes
Tuition❌ No
Tummy tuck❌ No
Turmeric❌ No
Tums👍 Yes
Tylenol👍 Yes
Tylenol PM👍 Yes


Item Eligible?
Ultrasound devices👍 Yes
Urinals and bedpans👍 Yes
Urinalysis👍 Yes
Urine test strips👍 Yes
Urological care👍 Yes
Urostomy pouches👍 Yes
Used needle containers👍 Yes
UV protective clothing❌ No


Item Eligible?
Vacations❌ No
Vaccinations👍 Yes
Valerian root❌ No
Vaginal rejuvenation❌ No
Vaporizers👍 Yes
Vapor rub👍 Yes
Varicose vein surgery👍 Yes
Vasectomy👍 Yes
Vasectomy reversal👍 Yes
Vaseline❌ No
Veneers❌ No
Veterinary fees❌ No
Vicks VapoInhalers👍 Yes
Vicks VapoRub👍 Yes
Vicks VapoShower tablets👍 Yes
Vicks VapoSteam liquid👍 Yes
Vitamins❌ No
Vitamin A❌ No
Vitamin B1❌ No
Vitamin B2❌ No
Vitamin B3❌ No
Vitamin B5❌ No
Vitamin B6❌ No
Vitamin B7❌ No
Vitamin B9❌ No
Vitamin B12❌ No
Vitamin C❌ No
Vitamin D❌ No
Vitamin E❌ No
Vitamin K❌ No


Item Eligible?
Walkers👍 Yes
Walking aids👍 Yes
Warranties❌ No
Wart removers👍 Yes
Washable nursing pads👍 Yes
Water flossers❌ No
Waterpiks❌ No
Weight benches❌ No
Weightlifting products❌ No
Weight loss supplements❌ No
Weighted blankets❌ No
Weight plates❌ No
Weights❌ No
Wellness scans👍 Yes
Wheelchairs👍 Yes
Whey protein❌ No
Whirlpool baths❌ No
Whitening strips❌ No
Whitening toothpaste❌ No
Wild yam❌ No
Willow bark❌ No
Witch hazel❌ No
Wrinkle creams❌ No
Wrist braces👍 Yes
Wound cleansers👍 Yes


Item Eligible?
Xanthan gum❌ No
X-Rays👍 Yes
Xylitol❌ No


Item Eligible?
Yeast infection medication👍 Yes
Yerba mate❌ No
YMCA membership fees❌ No
Yoga❌ No
Yohimbe❌ No


Item Eligible?
Zegerid👍 Yes
Zicam👍 Yes
Zinc❌ No
Zyrtec👍 Yes
Zyrtec-D👍 Yes