About HSAList.org

Hi there! My name is Michael and I created this site in 2020 to give HSA owners (myself included) a way to keep track of all the products and services that are and aren't HSA eligible.

At the time, it was difficult to find a comprehensive list of HSA-eligible items and I frequently found myself wandering the aisles of my local pharmacy wondering if I could purchase things like sunscreen or contact lens solution with my HSA. Yes, most HSA plans have documentation, but the lists of eligible expenses are often vague, incomplete, or hidden behind logins. The IRS's own documentation is similarly arcane and incomplete. Making my own site with a simple URL and a little bit of research just seemed easier. I hope you find it as useful as I and the millions of users who have visited www.hsalist.org have.

I am always updating the site, so if there's a product you think should be on the eligible or ineligible list, just send me an email and let me know.

Sourcing and editorial guidelines

I'm a business executive with years of experience at the highest level of business operations, which means I'm very familiar with health insurance, HSAs, and working with insurance groups and employees to ensure employees understand the benefits they're receiving. What's more, I have an educational and professional background in writing, so I know how to research topics well and write about them in simple terms.

On the internet, anyone can be an expert. That can be a problem, and that's why you'll find a sources section on every page of this site, when appropriate, with links to the sources. We want you to trust the information you find here, so all sources are of the highest quality. On the same note, we're human and therefore aren't immune to making mistakes, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you find any errors.

Why is there more than just HSA information on this site?

If you're interested in HSAs, there's a good chance you take an interest in your health in other ways too. That's how I feel anyway, and that's why I've added a few different sections related to health on this site. I only add information I personally find interesting and want to quickly reference myself. And, as mentioned in the previous section, all information has been vetted and sourced according to the highest standards.