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Satiety index of common foods

This is a list of the most satiating foods, or foods that keep you full the longest, sorted from most to least satiating. It's based on a study from 1995 that compared the satiating ability of common foods.

The study used white bread as a baseline and gave it a score of 100. Any food with a score above 100 is more filling than white bread and any food less than 100 is less filling.

Food Preparation/notes Score
Russet potatoesPeeled, boiled for 20 min323
Ling fish filletsTrimmed of fat, grilled225
PorridgeRaw rolled oats, microwaved, served with 125ml 1.5% milk209
Naval orangesFresh, cut into segments202
Red delicious applesFresh, cut into segments197
Beef steak filletsTopside, trimmed of fat, grilled176
Brown pastaWholemeal spirals, boiled and microwaved before serving188
Baked beansCanned in tomato sauce168
Black grapesFresh, served whole162
Wholemeal breadFresh, wholemeal wheat, served plain157
Grain breadFresh, 47% kibbled rye, served plain154
Microwaved popcornPrepared according to directions154
EggsPoached, refrigerated and microwaved before serving150
Cheddar cheeseServed cold146
White riceBoiled, refrigerated, and microwaved before serving138
Green lentilsServed in tomato sauce with olive oil and onions133
Brown riceBoiled, refrigerated, and microwaved before serving132
Honey Smacks cerealServed with 125ml 1.5 milk132
All-Bran cerealServed with 125ml 1.5 milk151
Water crackersServed plain127
Chocolate chip cookiesServed plain120
White pastaSpirals, boiled and microwaved before serving119
BananasFresh, cut into segments118
CornflakesServed with 125ml 1.5 milk118
Special K cerealServed with 125ml 1.5 milk116
French friesStored frozen, cooked in conventional oven116
Sustain cerealServed with 125ml 1.5 milk112
White breadServed plain100
MuesliRolled oats, dried fruits and nuts, served with 125ml 1.5 milk100
Vanilla ice creamStored frozen, served cold96
Potato chipsn/a91
Strawberry yogurtServed cold88
PeanutsSalted and roasted84
Mars candy barn/a70
Cinnamon sugar doughnutsStored frozen and reheated before serving68
Chocolate cakeServed at room temperature65
CroissantStored frozen, reheated, served warm47



The information on this page is intended to be an educational reference and is not to be taken as medical advice. If you think you're having a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately.

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