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How many calories are burned walking 8,101 steps?

Based on an average stride length of 2.5 feet, body weight of 180 pounds, and a walking speed of 4 mph, 8,101 steps would burn approximately 391 calories.

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Calories burned walking 8,101 steps at different speeds and body weights

Because calories burned is related to the time and intensity of your activity as well as your own physical characteristics, the amount above is just based on averages. In the chart below, you can get a better idea of how many calories you burned at a particular walking speed and body weight. Please keep in mind these are estimates as well; calculating calories burned is based on good scientific research but is an inexact science.

You may notice that sometimes walking at a slower pace burns more calories than walking at a faster pace. This isn't a mistake. Instead, it shows that you may burn slightly more calories by walking slower for longer instead of walking faster for less time.

< 2 mph2 mph2.5 mph3 mph3.5 mph4 mph4.5 mph5 mph
90 lbs209219188183192196244260
95 lbs220231198193203207257274
100 lbs232244209203214217271289
105 lbs244256219213224228284303
110 lbs255268230223235239298318
115 lbs267280240233246250311332
120 lbs278292250244256261325347
125 lbs290304261254267272338361
130 lbs302317271264278283352375
135 lbs313329282274289294365390
140 lbs325341292284299304379404
145 lbs336353303294310315392419
150 lbs348365313304321326406433
155 lbs360377324315331337419448
160 lbs371390334325342348433462
165 lbs383402344335353359446476
170 lbs394414355345363370460491
175 lbs406426365355374381474505
180 lbs417438376365385391487520
185 lbs429451386375395402501534
190 lbs441463397386406413514549
195 lbs452475407396417424528563
200 lbs464487417406427435541578
205 lbs475499428416438446555592
210 lbs487511438426449457568606
215 lbs499524449436459468582621
220 lbs510536459446470478595635
225 lbs522548470457481489609650
230 lbs533560480467492500622664
235 lbs545572491477502511636679
240 lbs557584501487513522649693
245 lbs568597511497524533663707
250 lbs580609522507534544676722

Calories burned running 8,101 steps at different speeds and body weights

While most runners measure their distance in miles or kilometres, some may choose to measure it in steps.

4 mph5 mph6 mph7 mph8 mph9 mph10 mph11 mph12 mph13 mph14 mph
90 lbs235260256246231223227228248238257
95 lbs248274270260244235240240262252271
100 lbs261289284273257247252253275265286
105 lbs274303298287269260265266289278300
110 lbs287318313301282272277278303291314
115 lbs300332327314295285290291317305329
120 lbs313347341328308297303304331318343
125 lbs326361355342321309315316344331357
130 lbs339375369355334322328329358344372
135 lbs352390384369346334341342372358386
140 lbs365404398383359346353354386371400
145 lbs378419412396372359366367399384414
150 lbs391433426410385371378380413397429
155 lbs404448440424398383391392427411443
160 lbs417462455437411396404405441424457
165 lbs431476469451423408416417454437472
170 lbs444491483465436421429430468450486
175 lbs457505497478449433441443482464500
180 lbs470520511492462445454455496477514
185 lbs483534526506475458467468510490529
190 lbs496549540519488470479481523503543
195 lbs509563554533500482492493537517557
200 lbs522578568547513495504506551530572
205 lbs535592582560526507517519565543586
210 lbs548606597574539520530531578556600
215 lbs561621611588552532542544592570614
220 lbs574635625601564544555557606583629
225 lbs587650639615577557568569620596643
230 lbs600664653629590569580582633609657
235 lbs613679668642603581593595647623672
240 lbs626693682656616594605607661636686
245 lbs639707696670629606618620675649700
250 lbs652722710683641619631633689662714

Where this data came from

The estimates on this page come from MET, or metabolic equivalent, research. Put simply, one MET is defined as 1 kcal/kg/hour and is roughly equivalent to the energy cost of sitting quietly. Every activity has a MET associated with it based on the available research. In the example used at the top of this page, walking 4 MPH has a MET of 5.

To come up with an estimate of how many calories are burned walking a particular number of steps, you would use the following formula:

number of steps x step length / 5,280 / MPH x MET x weight in kg

In all of our examples, we rounded to the nearest whole calorie.

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