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How many calories are burned walking 21,001 steps?

Based on an average stride length of 2.5 feet, body weight of 180 pounds, and a walking speed of 4 mph, 21,001 steps would burn approximately 1,015 calories.

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Calories burned walking 21,001 steps at different speeds and body weights

Because calories burned is related to the time and intensity of your activity as well as your own physical characteristics, the amount above is just based on averages. In the chart below, you can get a better idea of how many calories you burned at a particular walking speed and body weight. Please keep in mind these are estimates as well; calculating calories burned is based on good scientific research but is an inexact science.

You may notice that sometimes walking at a slower pace burns more calories than walking at a faster pace. This isn't a mistake. Instead, it shows that you may burn slightly more calories by walking slower for longer instead of walking faster for less time.

< 2 mph2 mph2.5 mph3 mph3.5 mph4 mph4.5 mph5 mph
90 lbs541568487474499507631674
95 lbs571600514500526536666711
100 lbs601631541526554564701749
105 lbs631663568552582592737786
110 lbs661694595579609620772823
115 lbs691726622605637648807861
120 lbs722758649631665676842898
125 lbs752789676658693705877936
130 lbs782821703684720733912973
135 lbs8128527317107487619471,011
140 lbs8428847587377767899821,048
145 lbs8729157857638038171,0171,085
150 lbs9029478127898318461,0521,123
155 lbs9329798398158598741,0871,160
160 lbs9621,0108668428869021,1221,198
165 lbs9921,0428938689149301,1571,235
170 lbs1,0221,0739208949429581,1931,273
175 lbs1,0521,1059479219709861,2281,310
180 lbs1,0821,1369749479971,0151,2631,347
185 lbs1,1121,1681,0019731,0251,0431,2981,385
190 lbs1,1421,2001,0281,0001,0531,0711,3331,422
195 lbs1,1721,2311,0551,0261,0801,0991,3681,460
200 lbs1,2031,2631,0821,0521,1081,1271,4031,497
205 lbs1,2331,2941,1091,0791,1361,1561,4381,535
210 lbs1,2631,3261,1361,1051,1631,1841,4731,572
215 lbs1,2931,3571,1631,1311,1911,2121,5081,609
220 lbs1,3231,3891,1911,1571,2191,2401,5431,647
225 lbs1,3531,4211,2181,1841,2471,2681,5781,684
230 lbs1,3831,4521,2451,2101,2741,2971,6131,722
235 lbs1,4131,4841,2721,2361,3021,3251,6491,759
240 lbs1,4431,5151,2991,2631,3301,3531,6841,797
245 lbs1,4731,5471,3261,2891,3571,3811,7191,834
250 lbs1,5031,5781,3531,3151,3851,4091,7541,871

Calories burned running 21,001 steps at different speeds and body weights

While most runners measure their distance in miles or kilometres, some may choose to measure it in steps.

4 mph5 mph6 mph7 mph8 mph9 mph10 mph11 mph12 mph13 mph14 mph
90 lbs609674663638599577589590643618667
95 lbs643711700673632609621623678653704
100 lbs676749737709665641654656714687741
105 lbs710786773744698673687689750721778
110 lbs744823810780732706719722785756815
115 lbs778861847815765738752754821790852
120 lbs812898884850798770785787857824889
125 lbs846936921886831802817820893859926
130 lbs879973958921865834850853928893963
135 lbs9131,0119949578988668838869649271,000
140 lbs9471,0481,0319929318989159181,0009621,037
145 lbs9811,0851,0681,0289649309489511,0359961,074
150 lbs1,0151,1231,1051,0639989629819841,0711,0301,111
155 lbs1,0481,1601,1421,0981,0319941,0141,0171,1071,0651,148
160 lbs1,0821,1981,1791,1341,0641,0261,0461,0501,1421,0991,185
165 lbs1,1161,2351,2151,1691,0981,0581,0791,0821,1781,1331,222
170 lbs1,1501,2731,2521,2051,1311,0901,1121,1151,2141,1681,259
175 lbs1,1841,3101,2891,2401,1641,1221,1441,1481,2501,2021,297
180 lbs1,2181,3471,3261,2761,1971,1541,1771,1811,2851,2361,334
185 lbs1,2511,3851,3631,3111,2311,1871,2101,2131,3211,2711,371
190 lbs1,2851,4221,3991,3461,2641,2191,2421,2461,3571,3051,408
195 lbs1,3191,4601,4361,3821,2971,2511,2751,2791,3921,3391,445
200 lbs1,3531,4971,4731,4171,3301,2831,3081,3121,4281,3741,482
205 lbs1,3871,5351,5101,4531,3641,3151,3401,3451,4641,4081,519
210 lbs1,4211,5721,5471,4881,3971,3471,3731,3771,4991,4421,556
215 lbs1,4541,6091,5841,5241,4301,3791,4061,4101,5351,4771,593
220 lbs1,4881,6471,6201,5591,4631,4111,4391,4431,5711,5111,630
225 lbs1,5221,6841,6571,5941,4971,4431,4711,4761,6071,5451,667
230 lbs1,5561,7221,6941,6301,5301,4751,5041,5091,6421,5801,704
235 lbs1,5901,7591,7311,6651,5631,5071,5371,5411,6781,6141,741
240 lbs1,6231,7971,7681,7011,5961,5391,5691,5741,7141,6481,778
245 lbs1,6571,8341,8051,7361,6301,5711,6021,6071,7491,6831,815
250 lbs1,6911,8711,8411,7721,6631,6031,6351,6401,7851,7171,852

Where this data came from

The estimates on this page come from MET, or metabolic equivalent, research. Put simply, one MET is defined as 1 kcal/kg/hour and is roughly equivalent to the energy cost of sitting quietly. Every activity has a MET associated with it based on the available research. In the example used at the top of this page, walking 4 MPH has a MET of 5.

To come up with an estimate of how many calories are burned walking a particular number of steps, you would use the following formula:

number of steps x step length / 5,280 / MPH x MET x weight in kg

In all of our examples, we rounded to the nearest whole calorie.

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The information on this page is intended to be an educational reference and is not to be taken as medical advice. If you think you're having a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately.